Day: April 19, 2021


Private Security Drivers

A Private Security Driver is a specialist private security operative that is employed to provide security and protection for an individual or commercial entity. The primary responsibility of a private security driver is to observe a person’s habits and report any abnormal activity or behavior. This includes the driving of the person, their appearance and any other information pertinent to the security of the driver and vehicle. The private security operative will determine the best method to protect the client from a high risk or dangerous driver. In some cases, the safety concerns may be extreme and the security officer will request that the security driver accompany the client into the local authorities.

What Make Private Security Driver Don’t Want You To Know

Private security operatives to assist in apprehending drivers that violate traffic rules, for example, if they run an unsafe speed, tailgate too many people, have an offensive odor and/or are involved in any criminal activity. To be more precise, security officers are responsible for checking the drivers’ history and driving records before taking them into custody. In many instances, this includes the issuing of a traffic citation. Private security drivers are also requested to make impromptu roadside safety checks to prevent the unnecessary loss of life or injury.

There are various private security companies in the United States that employ hundreds of security drivers to assist the public on a 24 hour basis. The work that a private security driver does is not limited to emergency services. Other regular work activities include guard duty, responding to calls from area businesses or assisting police with routine traffic pursuits.


Improving Vehicle Fuel Mileage by Removing a Ground Vehicle Cover

The All Tech – Ground Plate allows drivers the ability to have more control over their vehicle and ultimately improve gas mileage. The patented four-stage gas control keeps the engine from stalling when using it without additional driving power. The four stages of operation include: idle control, compression, decompression and gas mixtures. Each stage is independently adjustable and a separate control circuit is used for each stage.

Why Your Foundation Must Be Protected by Ground Plates?

Gas mileage is important, so why not add some gas mileage to your vehicle by installing a “pit stop” in the all-tech Ground Pilot Ground Control. This new technology from All Tech allows drivers to keep the gas pedal under full control through a hand brake that gives you instant power from a button. The innovative engineering of this system keeps the driver in control, assuring better control while driving.

This innovative and revolutionary technology is proven, low emissions, direct fuel injection (DFC) compliant, high flow gas sensor, high temperature ignition engine and a fully adjustable intermittent control. The throttle sensitivity allows a full range of operation with a full burnout of the gas. This vehicle accessory will increase your gas mileage and lower your fuel costs. All Tech Ground Plate is made of heavy duty performance steel to ensure proper fitment and long lasting performance. It also incorporates a unique electronic control system to maximize vehicle fuel efficiency and reduce emissions.

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