What Are Semi Truck Parts?

what are semi truck parts

If you’re a truck driver, you need to know what are semi truck parts. These vehicles take a beating on many levels. From brakes to tires, engine oil to hydraulic systems, they take a beating from extreme temperatures. As part of a fleet, a truck is constantly under the gun and is always in need of repair. It’s not worth risking a breakdown or sky-high bill if you buy cheap parts – they don’t always last long.

You Need To Know What Are Semi Truck Parts

The good news is that there are many different types of semi truck parts available. OEM parts are manufactured by the truck manufacturer, while OE parts are made by another company. While OEM parts are usually the best quality, they can be more expensive. OEM parts are typically bought through an authorized dealer. OE parts are assembled by a truck company, but are not originally manufactured by them. OE parts are manufactured by another company and are often more expensive than aftermarket parts. The good news is that these parts are of high quality, and are made to match the truck’s specifications.