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There are a variety of atlanta warehouses. Many offer space for rent. With PropertyShark you can browse tons of industrial spaces in your area and find the perfect one for your business needs. Sizes, amenities and prices are all available to be browsed right from your computer or mobile device.

What is warehouse safety?

Atlanta is home to a growing warehousing and distribution market, which is why companies are looking for a central location to manage their inventory. The city has a strong industrial economy and a great infrastructure that makes it an ideal location for warehousing and distribution.

Warehouse Laborers in Atlanta

The average salary for a warehouse laborer in Atlanta is $18 hourly. This is based on a variety of factors, including education, experience, certifications and additional skills.

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Decoration in Atlanta

When it comes to finding a warehouse for a special event, you’ll need to hire experts who can help you make the space look and feel cohesive. Fortunately, there are plenty of companies that provide furniture rentals and decor to make the venue feel like it’s ready for a party.

If you’re looking for a place to hold an important event, it’s also a good idea to get help from experts who can help set up A/V equipment and other technological services. These companies will help you create a memorable event that people will talk about for years to come.

Strawberry Gelato Strain – Sweet Dessert Hybrid

strawberry gelato strain

Strawberry Gelato Strain – Sweet Dessert Hybrid

This Indica dominant hybrid strain traces its lineage to two of the most popular cannabis strains in history: Gelato and strawberry gelato strain Cookies. This strain has a sweet strawberry aroma with earthy herbal and citrus notes.

It also has a smooth, creamy flavor that is perfect for people who love to bake! The terpenes in this strain capture the essence of strawberries.

The sativa high hits with a mild cerebral head buzz that is accompanied by a slow-building body buzz that offers full-body relaxation. Its effects are soothing and calming, making it ideal for treating chronic stress, depression, and fatigue.

Experience the Sweetness of Summer with Strawberry Gelato Strain: A Flavorful Review

A good strain to have around when you need to relax without feeling heavily sedated, Strawberry Gelato combines the best of indica and sativa genetics for a balanced experience that’s a delight to take in. This uplifting high is fueled by moderate THC levels that range between 15-18%.

When you smoke this strain, the first thing you’ll notice is its pleasant strawberry aroma. It’s sweet and fruity with hints of lemon and a few other herbs and spices.

You’ll find the high in your mind is incredibly uplifting, bringing you a mental boost and pushing out any racing thoughts immediately. It will leave you out of touch with reality a little, and pretty giggly at times.

The sativa effect in this strain is a little more subtle than the indica one, and it’ll come in handy for people who have trouble falling asleep or need a little help getting their day started. It also has a mildly sedative effect that helps users feel more creative and focused during the day.

Natural Remedies For Bacterial Vaginosis

natural remedies for bv

Bacterial vaginosis (BV) is a common infection caused by an imbalance of the vaginal microbiome. This imbalance can be prevented by taking probiotics and consuming foods that contain beneficial bacteria. Check this out:

Natural remedies are often suggested to treat BV but there is limited evidence that they can help. The best way to find the right treatment for you is to discuss it with your doctor or pharmacist, who will be able to offer advice that is clinically proven to help clear up the problem.

Vaginal Fishy Smell: How to Deal with Embarrassment and Shame


Some people have found that consuming yogurt helps with BV. This may be because it contains lactic acid, which has antibacterial properties and can kill off bacteria that cause BV.


Another home remedy for BV is to take garlic orally. It has been shown to have an effect similar to metronidazole, an oral antibiotic.

Tea tree oil

A number of people have found that using a suppository containing tea tree oil can help treat BV. It is important to dilute the tea tree oil before applying it.

Boric acid

One of the most popular home remedies for BV is boric acid, which can be bought as a gel or a suppository and is easily inserted into the vagina. However, boric acid can be toxic if taken by mouth or in high amounts, so it is recommended that you avoid using this if pregnant.


Some women have found that herbs like calendula officinalis or pot marigold help to treat BV. This is because these herbs have antibacterial properties and are thought to be effective at treating BV, but further studies need to be carried out before doctors can recommend them.