3rd House Neptune

3rd House Neptune

With Neptune in the third Neptune In Fourth House , a person is intuitive and creative. Their imagination is rich, and they are able to perceive the emotions of those around them. However, their emotional sensitivity can also be a weakness. They may be prone to escapism and feel lost in their fantasies, and they can easily be taken advantage of by people who do not have their best interests at heart.

Their verbal expression can seem unclear, strange or mysterious, mumbling and rambling. They can express themselves better through writing than through speech, and they often keep journals or notebooks where they write down their ideas. They have a very active imagination and are receptive to spiritual information, so they may be interested in religion or in the occult.

Dreams at Home: Exploring Neptune’s Influence on Family and Roots in the Fourth House

This is a natural placement for artists and musicians, as it stimulates an interest in articulating ethereal subject matter, and promotes a desire to foster a sense of spiritual community. These individuals have a strong loyalty to their immediate family, but they are also receptive to new ideas and faraway places, to the point where it can lead to a schizophrenic lifestyle. They can easily absorb bad influences, so it is important for them to learn how to think critically and independently of their environment. This can help them avoid absorbing bad habits and becoming ensnared in cults or religious sects. Also, they must learn to distinguish between reality and illusion. If they do not, they can end up in a mess of confusion and deception.

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