Alimentum Baby Formula Recalled

Alimentum Baby Formula

If your child has recently been diagnosed with milk intolerance, you may want to consider switching to Alimentum Baby Formula. This brand offers the benefits of being lactose-free, while also preventing the side effects of milk. However, some parents may experience problems with Alimentum and should consult with a doctor before switching their child to another brand. Here are some things to consider before switching your baby’s formula.

This Is A Serious Health Problem For Newborns And Should Be Treated Immediately

The company markets the formula as being a clinically proven formula. It claims to reduce excessive crying caused by protein sensitivity in infants within 24 hours of switching. While Nutramigen is slightly more expensive, Alimentum is a better choice for babies with food allergies. Both formulas contain 105 mg of calcium, but Nutramigen is cheaper. Both formulas contain higher amounts of total fats and linoleic acid.

The problem began to emerge after the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) investigated complaints from consumers. Several reports were contaminated with the bacteria cronobacter sakazakii. Some of these cases caused serious illnesses like sepsis and meningitis. Other symptoms include poor feeding, irritability, fever, jaundice, and abnormal movements. This is a serious health problem for newborns and should be treated immediately.

As a result of the recalled formulas, some parents should consider replacing their children’s formulas with safer alternatives. In addition to Similac Baby Formula, Alimentum Baby Formula also contains other brands. If you bought the formula between August 2021 and August 2022, you may be able to claim compensation for the illnesses caused by this brand. This recall has been made on a global level and can potentially affect your family as well.

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