Buying Mushrooms Online

organic mushrooms online

Organic mushrooms online are a great source of protein and fiber. They are also being increasingly researched and used for their medicinal properties with different types having varying benefits. It’s best to buy mushrooms locally or at a farmer’s market, but if that’s not possible, there are several online mushroom sellers that can deliver fresh organic mushrooms right to your door.

If you’re looking for a specific variety, check the seller’s website for suggestions or to ask them directly what their recommendations are. Share your recipe or personal taste preferences with the seller, as these will have a huge impact on which mushrooms they recommend for you. If you’re purchasing wild mushrooms, ask the seller about season and availability as this will affect both availability and price.

Exploring the World of Organic Mushroom Delivery Services

Located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, R&R Cultivation grows gourmet organic mushrooms including black pearl, chestnut, golden oyster, lion’s mane and more. They also offer a variety of unique mushroom products such as their delicious, creamy vegetarian Wild Mushroom Gravy.

Pacific Rim Mushrooms sells a wide range of mushrooms, including their organic Shiitake Mushrooms and a 3-variety Chef’s Mix box that ships a combination of shiitake, oyster, and lion’s mane mushrooms. They also offer unique greens such as fiddlehead ferns and wild onions.

Marx Foods is a high-end restaurant distributor that sells a selection of specialty items, including mushrooms. They carry both wild and cultivated mushrooms, including morels, chanterelles, lobster, yellowfoot and truffles. They also have a number of mushroom-focused products such as tapenades and mushroom-infused balsamic creams.

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