Gutter Replacement and Installation

gutter replacement and installation

Gutter replacement and installation can be time-consuming, especially if you have a large older home. Gutters need to be checked regularly and cleaned, and leaf and tree debris needs to be removed on a regular basis. If your home is one of those homes where trees constantly drop twigs, leaves, and other debris onto the gutter and into the main walkways, this can create a breeding ground for insects, rot, and mildew. Insects, decay, and mildew can all damage the lining, which can lead to leaks and more serious structural damage. Tree roots are also a problem, since they can grow very deep within the gutters and cause even more problems down the line. This is something that gutter replacement and installation gurus will tell you, as well as the cost of having a professional remove the debris on a regular basis, but don’t forget the financial costs of not having the gutter system in place. Click here to read more info.

What You Need to Know

A great way to protect your home from all of the above is with seamless gutters. These are installed using hardware that fits flush with the surface of the roof, allowing the water to flow underneath, while keeping it out of sight and out of reach of pests and weather elements. The seamless gutters do a much better job of keeping your roof safe from all sorts of debris and weather damage than do hinged or snap-on models. For ease of installation, many seamless gutters come with a fastening kit that allows you to install them without the help of a professional, too.

With installation and replacement done professionally, you’ll get a lifetime warranty on the materials, as well as lifetime warranties on the fastening kit. Make sure that you’re getting the best deal and the installation and replacement done by a company that offers a warranty. Ask about Surestart Plus Coverage, which is a supplemental type of warranty designed to cover damage or repairs to the gutters themselves that occur without Surestart’s primary warranty. In the event that a tree limb breaks off and causes severe damage to your gutter system, Surestart Plus Coverage will protect your gutters. That way, you’ll have everything covered at no additional cost.