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There are two common types of gutters in New Zealand and these are trough or smooth flat roofing and integral sloped roofs. The trough or smooth roof is more easily maintained and the cost is also less as there is not a roller brought in to take away rainwater runoff. When rainwater falls on the flat roof, it collects at the edge and then runs along the sides and then dries up. The water that has gathered gets pushed into the gutter. The water that runs off in different directions is channeled down the steep pitch to the ground below.

Everything You Need To Know About Guttering In NZ

guttering nz

Integrated sloped roofing is a newer system that incorporates guttering and valleys in the roof. The guttering NZ is made from perforated metal where water flows off into channels. This facilitates the movement of the water down the downspouts and to the ground. The water that drips down to the ground can be collected by special drain tiles that are placed at the base of the guttering system. This is a more labor intensive system than the trough or smooth roof but it does create more efficient guttering for the same price. It is relatively easy to install as the slope of the roof is fixed using stiles.

There are many suppliers who deal with both the guttering system and roofing material in New Zealand. Some of the larger suppliers include New Zealand Iron and Timber Limited, N & R Systems, T&R Commercial Roofing, SGA Commercial Guttering and Ecover Ltd. Some smaller suppliers include Boral Group, Black Pine and Emery Martin. It is a good idea to buy from a reputable supplier. Check that they are a member of the National Guttering Association and also that they have a satisfactory rating with the Better Business Bureau.

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