Haitch Conveyancing

Haitch convey is a Melbourne-based property conveyancing company specialised in the purchase, sale, and transfer of title for residential properties. The firm provides comprehensive guidance to foreign and local clients, including contract reviews, Section 32 vendor statements, and more. The team is highly qualified and experienced, allowing them to deliver exceptional services.

How much are conveyancing fees for selling a house NSW?

The team is well versed in the unique set of guidelines and criteria that apply to foreign investors and can assist with the buying and selling of off-the-plan properties. They can also help you navigate the Foreign Investment Review Board process.

All Hours Conveyancing is a professional legal firm based in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD. The team of licensed conveyancers is dedicated to ensuring the transaction is seamless and smooth for their clients. They can handle everything from drafting contracts and preparing Section 32 vendor statements to completing foreign investment approvals. They can even provide expert market advice for off-the-plan properties.

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