How to Choose a Pest Control Service

pest control service

If pest control service a problem in your home, it’s time to call for professional help. A reputable pest control service will treat the current infestation, and they should also give you tips to prevent future problems. For example, the pest professional might identify entry points around your house and suggest sealing them. This might include repairing cracks, caulking gaps, and replacing worn screens. It’s also important to regularly deep clean neglected areas in your home like crevices and corners. In addition, keeping grass trimmed and debris away from your home can help deter pests.

While most pest control companies can handle a basic range of pests, some require more specialized equipment or skills. For example, termites and bed bugs require a more thorough treatment than ants or cockroaches. Similarly, raccoons and squirrels are best removed by a more specialized wildlife removal company. When weighing companies for our review, we gave preference to those that offer a broad range of pest solutions, whether through their main brand or subsidiary businesses.

Battling Unwanted Guests: The Ultimate Guide to Effective Pest Control Services

The most important factor to consider when choosing a pest control company is their availability in your area. We recommend using the tool on each company’s website that allows you to enter your zip code and see if they service your location. We also looked at a company’s online reputation and customer service reviews to determine their level of accessibility.

Orkin was our top choice due to their 24-hour customer support, widespread coverage in the United States (unlike some competitors that are confined to certain regions or densely populated areas), and their 120-plus years of experience. We also appreciated their training that requires all technicians to undergo 160 hours of schooling, ensuring they’re experts on the pests they treat. In addition, Orkin’s pest professionals are very helpful when it comes to identifying pests and explaining their behavior.

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