How to Get Rid of RipOffReport


In 1998, Ed Magedson created RipOffReport. He envisioned it as a for-profit consumer complaint forum. Magedson’s goal was to give consumers more control over the reviews of companies and products online. He has been able to accomplish this goal, and now the RipOff Report is one of the most widely used consumer complaints sites. But the site is not without controversy, and users can find a wide range of opinions about the site and its services.

Why Need to Get Rid of RipOffReport

While Ripoff Report is a popular website, there are a variety of problems with it. For starters, it does not offer much protection to its users. Even worse, some users are afraid to use it because of its high number of fake reviews. They do not want to take risks and risk their credit rating by posting inaccurate reviews. So, how do you get rid of RipOffReport? The only way to stop it is to stay away from it completely.

First of all, Ripoff Report makes millions of dollars each year. The money comes from a policy that lets individuals pay a flat fee based on the number of complaints they make. This fee is never less than $5,500, and it goes toward inspectors who investigate and resolve the complaints. Another problem with Ripoff Report is that it has a policy of deleting positive reviews, inserting positive headlines above them, and removing negative ones if the company gets too many. Third-party arbitrators also charge a $1,200 fee and redact the facts that are not correct.

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