How to Play Buraco Card Game

How to Play Buraco Card Game

The aim of a How to Play Buraco Card Game is to create logical sets of cards called Melds. Those sets must contain at least three cards and cannot have more than seven cards. Players can add cards to their own team’s melds, but not to those of the opposing team.

To begin a Buraco game, each player should place their cards on a table in front of them in a vertical column. The rank and suit of each card should be visible so that a logical sequence can be formed.

After each player’s turn, their partner can discard a single card from their hand and pick up a new card from the draw pile. Then the player can look at their discarded card or play it immediately.

Buraco Card Game: A Beginner’s Guide to Rules, Strategy, and Winning

Another advantage of a Buraco game is the ability to close directly (on the fly). This happens when the player finishes by discarding her last card and her partner discarded her last card too! This is very useful and often gives the player an advantage over her opponent.

The second goal of a pair is to quit their cards. The couple who quits their cards can take one of the two pots that have been set aside for each team. However, if the couple who took the pot finish their cards again with any of the other couples, they will lose that game.

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