Running Google Ads on a Budget

running google ads

When you are running Google Ads, budget is the key to success. Google tests ads to ensure they are relevant to searchers. The time frame of the campaigns varies depending on the daily budget and keyword research. To determine your daily budget, divide your monthly spend by 30.4 to get your daily budget. Note that your budget may change on certain days or not at all. This is because Google’s algorithms change every day. Therefore, you can expect to spend more or less on certain days.

When running Google Ads, make sure to choose the most appropriate ad type for the type of visitors you want to target. The default setting will capture a broad demographic. You should choose a more targeted location to avoid wasting money on clicks that do not convert. In addition, if possible, choose the language of your target audience. This will make it easier for your ads to reach your target audience. Once you’ve chosen the language of your target market, you can optimize your campaign settings and optimize it to get maximum results.

You should set a budget for each day of Google Ads so that you can stay within your limit. You can choose between two strategies: Automated and Manual. Automated strategy will target the most relevant keywords while Manual strategy will let you control the bids. For example, if you’re targeting a broad audience, you might need to set a higher budget to get your ad seen by more people. The automated strategy is great if you want to get a larger amount of traffic to your website. However, if you want to keep your budget under control, you can choose the Manual strategy.

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