Top 3 Advantages of Using a slack Channel to Handle Conversations

slack group

Slack group and slack communities are both one and the same, in essence. They are online groups that let you join together with like minded peers to share common interests. In short, with Facebook groups, LinkedIn groups, and many other online alternatives, why should you even consider taking your chat conversation to slack? Here are some of the reasons:


First, slack workspaces are extremely conducive to group discussions. In fact, slack workspaces are so conducive to group conversations, in fact, that one of the biggest advantages of chat is the ability to have group conversations. You can easily reach out to hundreds or thousands of people at the click of a button and start up a new discussion on almost any topic imaginable. When using a slack channel, you are able to set up permissions so that other members of your slack network can be able to view your conversations as well. By creating different channels for different things such as downloads, uploads, file sharing, etc., you are also able to segment your conversations and work more efficiently by controlling what you want others to and don’t want others to be able to view.


Second, the slack community and slack groups are both incredibly easy to manage. Unlike email or forum discussions, which can be time consuming or limited in regards to how many responses you get, with a slack community you can post responses to threads instantly. You can also specify the time that conversations on certain threads will end. You can even search for conversations that you think are of interest to you and invite other people to join those conversations on your slack community or slack workspace. Lastly, the lack of restrictions and management means that you have more of an opportunity to interact with others and create connections than you would in a forum or email.

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